The Dangers Of Selling On Amazon


Selling on Amazon is too easy, when you start seeing the money rolling in you’ll of think you’ve made it. Its easy because they have a ridiculous amount of traffic, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

The ridiculous fees or the terrible service maybe? I totally get it, falling into Amazons trap isn’t hard. I’ve seen Entrepreneurs describe amazon as a drug that promises you a lot of cash but ultimately make you dependant on them.

Oh and theres another issue, have your business fully reliant on one service provider is a recipe for disaster. Amazon doesn’t allow you to capture emails meaning you can’t funnel your customers onto your other platforms, making it very hard to build up relationships with customers.

There is two ways you can use Amazon to grow your business:

  • Go all in, use their platform until the bubble pops then find the next best thing
  • Or be smart, proceed with caution, actively try and build up other channels like SEO on your own branded website.

Look, the last thing I want is for you to have your business crash and burn over night. Eventually you’ll start to see your sales diminish and then it’ll just increase and increase. OR you might ‘violate’ an amazon rule and get banned or have your products pulled for stupid reasons. Then you’ll need to open a case that could take days that will most likely result in your account / products being reinstated without even an apology. You’ve now lost revenue and are dealt with the hassle of making a case.


How can I create some more security for my business?

Spend about 20% of your resources on creating other income streams like building your own website or building out an email list. Maybe you could start selling on Amazon or another large vendor website like 

All Mall Shop is essentially just a nicer smaller version of Amazon that take less commission and give you more support! There are plenty of sites like it too.

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