Changing how we market people in 2019

A lot of companies success has been down to the use of cheap FB ads or cheap influencer marketing or maybe they gamed Googles algorithm by using sitewide links and that really accelerated their growth.

Anyone who works in marketing will tell you theres less and less quick wins. To really excel in 2019 marketers need to truly understand who their marketing to and how they can manipulate them into buying. Don’t get put off by that, when you simplify it, as a marketer its our job to stealthily convince people to take cash out of their pockets and put it in our banks. Thats our jobs, whether you like it or not.

We’re not ripping anyone off or stealing anyones money because ultimately its the consumers decision to purchase or not. We just help them make that decision by placing subtle triggers that help move them down the sales funnel.

Inception Marketing

So I was having a chat just the other day with a director of a distribution company. They basically just buy the rights to sell certain products in the UK and then figure out how to sell them. They buy cool products that are luxury items, things like DNA fitness tests and household gadgets. Problem is, people aren’t actively looking to buy these items.

So they’ve got to do a few different things:

  1. Figure out who the target audience is
  2. Make people aware
  3. Sell these products to the target audience

So how do you sell luxury items? We’ll come to that soon. Let me just explain what Inception Marketing is firstly. Inception is the process of making consumers think the decision is theirs. So your not telling them to buy it or anything like that, you help them come to the conclusion themselves.

So you want someone to buy a car right, throw all those direct-selling tactics out the window because if your target audience is right you’ll be able to convince them to take action using inception marketing.

How do we do that? Well who is the target audience, what makes them react? What is their goal with this car? Is it to the take the kids to school in the morning or do they want a 4×4 to drive to the golf club?

An omni channel approach works VERY well for things like this.

Inception marketers use words and phrases to stir their audience’s emotions. The words and phrases will most likely be placed in a well crafted story that the prospect will want to read. This story will subtly move them that they want to buy your product.

The story about the guy who plays golf could be about a middle aged man who drives his van to the golf club but feels embarrassed because everyone at the club drives a Mercedes or a BMW. It’s something he’s self conscious about and makes up stories like the wife has the car on a Sunday or whatever.

You want something people can relate to, your niching this story down so that its relatable.

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